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If you want to hook up with other singles, you’re in the right place. Whatever you want to do – flirt, make a date or have a sizzling hot sexy escape, the choice is yours and all you need is your phone!

So don’t be shy or timid. It’s totally anonymous and absolutely private.
You can speak with as many guys as you want to. You get to choose, so it’s entirely up to you.

We’re open 24 hours a day, every day. Remember, your access is FREE – so why not call NOW!

When you call, you’ll be asked to record a short introduction. This is just a brief description about yourself, so that other callers can check you out. If they like what they hear, they can choose to send you a voice message.

This is where the fun really begins, because you can send voice messages too. You’ll also be able to connect and talk ‘live’ with other callers, if you want to.
And, you can use our ‘block’ feature, to stop receiving messages from anyone you don’t really want to hear from again.

Friendly, lots of fun, sexy and really easy to use. 

So, why not give it a try? Just relax and be yourself!


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If you want to flirt, have a sizzling hot sexy chat or just make
new friends

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Sophie’s Story

Sophie’s engagement had broken up about a year previously and she had been trying to find a new partner for some time. She knew exactly what kind of man she wanted and knew it shouldn’t be so hard.

Sophie decided to try calling Hot Gozzip. At first she was really unsure and didn’t know how to record a confident sounding introduction. But after a few attempts Sophie became more confident and assured and began receiving messages from guys on the service, who were obviously responding to what she was saying.

Most of them were pleasant and polite men and eventually Sophie made dates with one or two of them.

Sophie found a guy she hit it off with really well. They have since become good friends and are still getting to know one another. Sophie is so glad she made the effort. It was really pretty easy.

Standard toll fees apply to callers outside of Sydney.