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Paul’s Story

Paul was delighted to have received a promotion within his company but it also meant a move from Perth to Sydney.

He quickly settled into his new job. All seemed to be going well, until Paul realised that he was becoming unhappy. He was lonely.

Paul asked one of his work colleagues, Tony, about his problem and Tony suggested that he should call Hot Gozzip, to make some new friends and start engaging socially with more people. Tony had done the same thing some years earlier and it was a great success for him.

Paul thought about it for a while and then took the plunge. Suddenly he was talking with lots of new ladies every day. Some, he just liked to talk to and others he actually arranged dates with. Everything had changed and Paul was socially engaged and happier.

Life was good.

*Your free access is for a limited time. Standard toll fees apply to callers outside of Sydney.